Critical Analysis on the Law and Practice of the Judicial Independence In Uganda since the Promulgation of the 1995 Constitution. A

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Kampala International University, School of Law
This research has been made during the time when the Judiciary has been interfered by other organs of the government. The !995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda under Article 128 provides the issue of judicial independence and security of tenure, the latter being among the safeguards of the independence of the judiciary. This Article widely shows that the independence of the judiciary is provided for by the constitution of the Republic of Uganda and it must be observed by law because the constitution is the supreme law of this country. This Article has widely been interfered by the Executive which has directly been observed by citizens of Uganda for example in 2005 the )ATT code named the "black mamba" which rearrested the PRA suspects who had been released by court on bail. This to the citizens it showed that the judiciary has no freedom and independence hence this shows that there is no democracy because for the independence of the judiciary to be there, there has to be democracy. This research shows how different scholars have viewed the independence of the judiciary and they explain how the independence of the judiciary should be observed through their writings which they made. This research goes ahead to show which findings have been made as to why there is lack of judicial independence in this country and some of the findings are the continued militarization of the judicial system which was seen in 2005 by the black mamba. The continued appointment of the judges by the Executive which makes them to dance to the tunes of their boss hence by this fact has led to lack of judicial independence. In conclusion, this research goes ahead to give recommendations for the future which will help to bring about judicial independence in this country and that is through the increament of the judges and magistrate's salaries which will stop them from being corrupt, sensitization of the public on how to get justice and not using the principle of who knows the judge wins the case hence this shows how the independence of the judiciary can be obtained. Therefore for the independence of the judiciary to be in existence in Uganda, there has to be democracy as was explained by Montesquieu a French jurist.
Research Submitted to the School Of Law In Partial Fulfillment of the Award Requirement for the award of a Bachelor of Law Degree of Kampala International University.
Law, Judicial Independence, 1995 Constitution, Uganda