The impact of economic activities on women income: case study council for economic empowerment of women of Africa (CEEWA-Uganda)

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Kampala international University, College of Economics and Management
In order to empower women economically, it is important to find out the impact of economic activities on women income. This involves the identification of the economic activities, examining the economic activities in influencing women income, consumption and expenditure, and the effect of economic activities on women productivity. This study employed a case study of the beneficiaries of CEEWA-U in its programmes Women and Agriculture, and Women and finance, and women and entrepreneurship. A descriptive research design was applied, and a questionnaire was designed. In selecting appropriate sample, stratified and random sampling was used in drawing the number of women from the stratas, women and agriculture, women and finance, and women and entrepreneurship. Data collection involved both primary and secondary data. In addition, data was edited and captured using SPSS .Frequencies and percentages were reflected with respect to each of the three research questions. The findings of the study indicates that women have participated in the economic activities that have led to an increase in income. Due to the availability of the income, they have accumulated wealth through savings, thus uplifting their standards of living. In addition, participation in economic activities have led to a rise in parameters of income like expenditure and consumption. In the recommendations, there is need to educate women on macroeconomic policies, incorporate the young women in economic activities that will enable the women earn income. The area of further study is to find out the factors that hinder women to participate in economic activities. Since women form half of the population there participation in economic activities leads to economic growth.
A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Masters of Business Administration of Kampala International University
Economic activities, Women income, Council for Economic Empowerment of Women of Africa (CEEWA), Uganda