The Impact Of Domestic Violence On Students Academic Performance In The Rural Schools In Uganda Case Study Of Akokororo Secondary School, Akokororo Sub-County Apac District.

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Kampala International University. College of Education,open distance and e-learning.
This study was carried on: impacts of domestic violence on students academic performance in Akokororo sub-county Apac district. The main objective ofthe study was to assess the impact of violence on students academic peribrmance in Akokororo sub-county Apac district specifically the study aimed at establishing the various forms of abuses children undergoes in families experiencing domestic violence, establishing impacts of abuses children under go in families experiencing domestic violence on their academic performance the impacts of abuses children under go in families experiencing domestic violence on their academic performance and the strategies being adopted by the community members in coping with child abuse and domestic violence.. The study was under taken in Akokororo suh.county Apac district It involved a sample size of sixty respondents drawn from the community members, local leaders, school age going children, school teachers and administrators, police and NGOs that are working on children’s issues in Akokororo sub-county Apac district. The study used both qualitative and quantitative information that was collected through the use interviews, questionnaire, review of relevant documents for secondary data Qualitative data was analyzed using percentages, frequencies, charts and graphs. Basing on the result it was concluded that domestic violence has several impacts on academic performance The study made several recommendations. Among these was the need for capacity building in order to make people aware of child abuse and domestic violence; there is need to start child protection groups to help tight the issue. The government also need to put in place relevant laws that will help crub the problem
A Research Report Submitted To School Of Education Long Distant And E-Learmng In Partial Fullfilment Of The Requirements For The Award Of Arts In Education Of Kampala International University.
Domestic Violence, Academic Performance