Impact of non-governmental organizations on women's ability to cope with problems: a case of Action for Development (ACFODE) Kitoba division - Mpigi district

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The study examined the impact of Non-Governmental Organizations Women ability to cope up with problems. The study was carried out in Kitoba sub county Mpigi district. The study was carried out under the following objectives finding out the problems faced by women, finding out the services offered to women by NGOs and how accessible they are, finding out the challenges faced by Action for development in their service delivery and the impact of NGOs on women's ability to cope with problems. A sample of 60 was included in the study. The study employed observation, in-depth interviews, and documentary as the method of data collection. The findings revealed that the female were the most respondents with 65% because they knew best how the NGO had helped them to catch up with their problems. The male came next as they could also give their ideas about how the women had improved their lives. Between the ages of 20 - 25, were the most study respondents because these were still young women who may organizations intervention, 26-30 age bracket came next followed by 30 - 45 and the last was 46 - 50 were the last category. The education levels showed that most respondents studied up to the institution level, few of the staffs had been to the university. According to the researcher's findings, HIV AIDS was the most problem that the women faced; poverty came next followed by divorce with 22%. Domestic violence with 15% and the last was Gender inequality with 4%, credit or loan schemes came next, Guidance and counseling followed and the last was adult education so as to teach these women on how to cope up. Basing on the findings about the challenges faced by the NGO, it was found out that financial was the most with 30% followed by Area of coverage in fluxing number of beneficiaries had also proved a problem. The last problem was the lack of community support which hindered the provision of services.
A Research Report Submitted To The Faculty Of Education In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of Degree Of Bachelor Of Guidance And Counseling Of Kampala International University
Non-governmental organizations, Women's ability, Action for development (ACFODE), Kitoba division - Mpigi district