Effect of training on employee performance:

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study on the effect of training on employee performance was carried out from Observer Media Limited to establish the various types and methods of training carried out and why performance assessment is observed in order to establish the relationship between training and performance assessment. To comprehend this, the study reviewed literature from various scholars for qualification of the findings through use of a descriptive study analysis administered on a sample of 50 employees both 'full time and part time employees. The study revealed that the company carried both on-the-job and off the job training techniques but specifically concentrated on the on-the-job training to cut costs. It was further established that training aided to motivate employees because it served as a job security when they anticipated future promotion and thus exercised maximally the skills acquired through training. This keeps the company in a profitable and competitive position. It was concluded that training is necessary. because it brings about overall growth of the company when it develops internally. The study recommended that contracts be signed with staff on training, and assessments are endless for viable investment.
A research dissertation submitted to Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Degree in Human Resource Management
Training, Employee performance, Observer Media Company limited