Electronic banking in Uganda the modes, risks and the legal challenges of electronic banking

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Kampala International University.College Of Law
This research thesis is intended to analyze the law pertaining children rights in relation to street children in Kampala. The historical genesis and development of the children's rights provisions will generally be reviewed under literature review, but much emphasis will be on the post period from 1990 to date when Uganda started Ratifying the international conventions Research is geographically centered on Kampala as a case study, being the capital city of Uganda and the most urban and commercial center in Uganda. Kampala is the city with the highest population of street children. Kampala with a big population of street children, whose rights are grossly abused with impunity despite several legislations and conventions established to ensure the welfare of children. The researcher intends to analyze the conditions children grow through in their daily life the various forms of suffering experienced by the street children, the causes of the suffering. Also to assess the role of the stakeholders such as government institutions and non government organizations in promoting and protecting children's rights and to what extent they have performed these roles. Appropriate research questions in form of questionnaires, interviews, and general observations Finally, the researcher will come up with recommendations and the way forward followed by general conclusion
Research dissertation submitted to the board of examiners in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of a bachelors degree of Laws at Kampala International University
Electronic banking, Uganda, Modes, risks, Legal challenges, Electronic banking