Effects of brick making on the environment: a case study of Kajjasi Town, Wakiso District, Central Uganda

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Kampala International University; School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Bricks have been used for the last 5000years. In Uganda, the practice of brick making is a long standing activity. An investigation to assess the effects of brick making on the environment was conducted in Kajjansi Town, Wakiso District, Central Uganda. This was narrowed down to tackling the raw materials used, effects of the activity to the environment and the measures of reducing the effects. During the study a number of methods for obtaining raw data were used and included Observation, Questionnaire, Interviews and Literature search. The study revealed the following; the raw materials used include, clay, water, wood husks, saw husks, oil, soil, glass, grass, money and labor. The products from the industry are blocks, max pans, ventilators, roofing tiles, pompy, and half bricks. Both gender take part in this activity. Although brick laying has induced economic development, however it has caused environmental deterioration, damage to human health, creation of basins that act as breeding ground for mosquitoes, shortage of raw materials, destruction of vegetation, impact on drainage, loss of biodiversity, loss of nutrients, pollution and scenery alteration. Measures to reduce the impacts were; no digging deep pits (basins), filling up pits, sensitization, recycling damaged products, tree planting and need to use other sources of energy. Generally brick making has caused greater impact on the environment such as alteration of drainage systems, swamp destruction and deforestation. Therefore this calls for government agencies (Local officials), NGOs and relevant stakeholders to ensure mitigation measures such as research, massive sensitization to reduce the impact for sustainable development.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for Award of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Management of Kampala International University
Brick making, Environment, Wakiso District, Uganda