Youth Entrepreneurship and Unemployment in Uganda a Case Study Of Makindye Division.

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Kampala International University. College of Humanities and social sciences.
This research report comprises of five chapters that is to say chapter one, chapter two three , four and chapter five including the appendices which comprises of the questionnaires. In chapter one, a clear description of the background of the study, the problem statement, the research objectives, questions, scope of the study were discussed. Chapter two comprises of the literature review, conceptual frame work and a discussion about the empirical studies of the research objectives. Chapter three comprises of the methodology that was used to collect data from the field, it comprised of the research design , study population , sample size and procedure , sources and collection methods, data collection instruments data analysis and data presentation. Chapter four presented the data presentation and analysis of the findings obtained from the field. Various techniques of data analysis were used that is to say, frequency tables were used to analyze the demographic characteristics of respondents, means and standard deviation for the effects of each objectives upon financial performance, and the linear regression to examine the relationships between the independent and dependent variables. Finally chapter live consists of the conclusions and recommendations and further areas of research followed by appendices (the questionnaires). The study concluded that Youths in Makindye division Engaged with the private sector using a variety of strategies Partner with unions to facilitate identifying companies, youths chose training partners that were recognised as competent by the private sector, youths established partnerships with government actors and agreed clearly defined roles and responsibilities, the study therefore concluded that youths in Makindye division have been carrying out a number of activities and approaches used by youth development programs to reduce unemployment. The study recommended the youths in Makindye division to Improve on the knowledge of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial attitudes in order to come up with new ideas and solutions for the unemployment problem and that should Partner with unions to facilitate identifying companies this can as well create opportunities for the jobless youths.
A Research Report Submitted to the College of Humanities And Social Sciences In Partial Fulfillment For The Award Of A Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Management at Kampala International University.
Youth Entrepreneurship, Unemployment, Makindye Division,Kampala-uganda