Risk Factors For Maternal Mortality: A Case Study Of Federal Medical Center,Katsina State, Nigeria

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Kampala International University, school of masters of science in statistics
Maternal mortality have been described as one of the foremost and most neglected health problem and human right abused in the world. Maternal mortality is the probability or percentage of mothers dying as a result of pre~-inancy related complications or post-delivery complications every year. The study was to determine the risk factors (maternal education, maternal age at birth and antenatal care visit) associated with maternal mortality at federal medical center Katsina from 1999 to 2O14~The specific objectives were to determine the relationship between maternal education and maternal mortality, to ascertain the level of impact between maternal age at birth and maternal mortality, and also to find out the influence between antenatal care visit and maternal mortality. The logistic regression model was fitted because it allows the estimation of the occurrence of a binary outcome due to the effect of several explanatory factors. The analysis examined the relationship between the selected risk factors and maternal survival status; this is done through the interpretation of odds ratios from logistic regression. The model showed that high maternal mortality is associated with low maternal education, extreme maternal age at birth and low antenatal visits. Therefore in order to reduce maternal mortality government and community has to support girl child education, discourage early pregnancy or marriage and pregnancy 40 years of age and above, finally government and the community has to sensitize the mothers on the importance of antenatal care visits and making free medical service to the mothers in the state.
A Research Report Submi1ted To The College Of Higher Degrees And Research In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of The Degree of Master Of Science In Statistics Of Kampala International University
Risk Factors For Maternal Mortality, Federal Medical Center,Katsina