Assessment of quality management and procurement sustainability: case study Mukwano group of companies

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study examined the relationship between quality management and procurement sustainability, the study was guided by three main objectives that is to say; To examine the role of quality planning on procurement sustainability of Mukwano Group of Companies, To assess the impact of quality control on procurement sustainability of Mukwano Group of Companies and To examine the relationship between quality assurance and procurement sustainability of Mukwano Group of Companies. The study employed a cross section study design where data was collected across a cross section. The study used both qualitative and quantitative data collected from a sample of 80 respondents using questionnaires and interview guide. The study findings revealed that there is a strong significant relationship between quality assessment and procurement sustainability. The findings tTVl'akcl that quality planning is one of the essential elements under effective :JLWlity management posing a significant relationship with procurement sustainability. fhe findings further revealed that quality control and quality assura.Ilce define nhat 1s required for effective quality management; with effective mplementation of these factors the company can be able to achieve its )rocurement objectives in relation to quality. Following the research findings, the study concluded that quality management 1as got a positive relationship with procurement sustainability which indicates hat the level of effectiveness directs impacts on the procurement performance. 'he study recommended majority of the procuring organizations to carry out Jroper quality management, implement effective quality management echniques if they are to achieve procurement sustainability.
A research dissertation submitted in to the College Of Economics and Management in partial fulfillment of the Award of Degree in Bachelor of Supplies Procurement and Management of Kampala International University
Procurement, Sustainability