The effect on inventory control in Serengeti breweries: a case study of Mwanza-Tanzania

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Serengeti Breweries Limited is the private organization, which is the producer and distributor of alcoholic drinks (Premium Serengeti Lager, Uhuru Peak Lager, Tusker Lager, The Kick, Tusker Malt Lager and Guinness Foreign Extra) and non alcoholic drinks (Vita Malt and Malta Guinness) all over the country. The study was conducted at Mwanza Plant situated at Nyakato. The responsibility of Serengeti Breweries is to make sure that their consumers are well satisfied all over the country and beyond. The objective of the study was, to identify problems facing inventory control in private sector with centralized management system. To find out if the management followed inventory control system. To identify problem faced Serengeti Breweries Limited in inventory control. And to analyze effects arising in inventory control The Method used in collecting data was interview, observation, questionnaire and documentary review. The method used to select the sample was purposeful sampling technique because ensured the sample selected according to the purpose of the study. The study revealed that main problems facing inventory control at SBL were; poor access to information system, poor employees interrelationship, isolation in decision making. Also poor implementation of inventory control system was another problem; Level of professional training was a big hindrance in inventory control system. So the research come up with the following conclusion apart from the factory above the company should employ professionals on procurement and supplies, further more company should change the decision system from centralized to decentralized this will serve the handling of raised problem on time
A Research Dissertation Submitted To The College Of Applied Economics And Management Sciences For The Fulfillment To The Award Of A Bachelors Degree In Procurement And Supply Management At Kampala International University
inventory control, Serengeti breweries, Mwanza-Tanzania