The efficacy of the law relating to infringement of copyright and neighboring rights and the remedies available in the effective protection of copyright in Uganda.

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Kampala International University, School of Law
Uganda is one of the least developed countries with a diversity of people with different social. economic and political status among others. The copyright laws in Uganda stem fi·om the llritish Copyrights laws and regimes because it was under its control and there was need to protect the works that were being infringed on. The main objective of the study is to examine the cfTieac) or the la1v relating to infringement of copy right and neighboring rights and remedies available in the effective protection of copy right in Uganda. The main problem that was investigated in this research was whether the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act has done enough to curb down infringement in Uganda. There 11ere some other aspects which were looked at in the study and these were the remedies available in case of infringement, the causes of infringement in Uganda. the challenges faced dei"cnses among others. It was concluded in the research findings that; ignorance of the public about the la11 and the progress in the technology are among the main contributing factors of infringement in Uganda, the infi·ingers are still doing the same at the expense of the owners of the rights among others. And lastly, basing on the findings that were got recommendations were enlisted that would be put in practice to curd down infringement of copy right and neighboring rights in Uganda.
A dissertation submitted to the school of law in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the award of Bachelor of laws of Kampala International University
Copyright, Neighboring rights, Uganda.