The effects of legislation on land disputes in Uganda. Case study Kampala district.

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
The importance of this land in Uganda is vast and the issue is gaining more and more importance, the number of conflicts both in comis and as well as out of court, is indisputably on the rise, tensions are increasing and ownership of land is becoming a strife political debate. Research on this topic is limited on the weakness of existing how land tenure affects land disputes, and the possible solutions to land disputes. -The goal of the research is to provide a comprehensive view on the issue. The research shows that the formal rules regulating land ownership largely has negative effects for the land issue. The lack of implementation of laws greatly affected land issue and if nothing is done it's impossible to predict the situation twenty years from today. These trends heavily affect the land issue in Uganda, the research based on a document study and interviews show that the figure of Uganda, if the policy context does not change significantly is dim. In short, the conclusions are as follows conflict over land issue will increase, population growth will reduce plot sizes, making them economically un viable, and investment will remain low to lack of titles and tenure security
A research project submitted to the school of law in Partial fulfillment for the award of bachelor’s degree of Law Kampala international university.
Land law, Legislation, Land disputes, Kampala district, Uganda