Ministry of health drug monitoring system case study: Kapchorwa main hospital

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Kampala International University, College of Computing and Information Technology
The study determined the impact of design and development of a drug monitoring system in Kapchorwa district .the purpose of the study is to design and develop a drug monitoring system for monitoring and knowing the use and distribution of drugs in Kapchorwa district. The study was intended to establish and recommend strategic polices to reduce the safety of drugs for the district; this is in view of the fact that safety of drugs is common along the supply chain management. The study was conducted through a cross sectional survey, data was collected in February 2013 using questionnaire, interviews and observations techniques by use of both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collections and presented in tables and figures .the study shall conclude that safety of drugs within supply chain management system lead to death of many people within the district especially pregnant women. It will recommend the best distribution of drugs. Finally I recommend that the study was conducted to determine the alterative remuneration strategies for design and development of a drug monitoring system.
A project report submitted to the college of applied science and technology as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor in computer science and bachelor of information technology of Kampala international university
Drug monitoring system, Kapchorwa main hospital, Ministry of health