The Role of F.M Radio towards Economic Development In Tanzania: A Case Study Of East African Radio

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in mass communication
Nothing influences a broadcasting media like the Quality of programs presented and how audiences respond and being influenced. Due to the fact that, this research aims at examining the roles of FM radio towards economic developmental issues in all aspects of life. The study focuses in among of the major broadcasting media in Tanzania that is the East African Radio. The research problem that instigate this research was that of many media companies mostly FM radios not taking into account the presentation of development issues after the government being liberalized the air waves .. Infact, these roles have created catatonic effects in all levels of the Tanzanian society to the developmental effects. Life now moves faster political and social ideas spread more rapidly, more inform nation is available for making correct choices and decisions, personal as well as government. The sample of 32 respondents were drawn in this research work through interviews and questionnaires. Data was then compiled and analyzed. Simple random sampling was used to obtain people who constitute the sample. The result of the study generally indicated that despite the constraint, there are many opportunities and still more to come for broadcasting media to thrive in Tanzania for the country's economical development
A Dissertation Submitted To the faculty Of Social Sciences in Partial fulfillment For the Award of Degree in Mass Communication of Kampala International University
F.M Radio, Economic Development, East African Radio