The role of Micro Finance Institutions on Poverty Eradication in Uganda A case study of Finca Uganda.

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management Sciences .
Is an attempt to give both theoretical and practical analysis of micro finance institute on poverty eradication in Thinker Uganda This project was an attempt to find out a possibility of eradicating poverty among Ugandans. Determine the relationship between Micro finance and the financially institutions/ .. Assess the effects of micro finance institutions in Kumi. The findings are intended to benefit future academies especially KIU business studies, help the organization on how to develop relationship with women in improving theirtructers ofliving. Data was collected through questionnaires. Two categories of respondents namely the employees and employers were used. Data collected was analyzed and interpreted by use of tables, graphs and percentage through data analysis, the findings of the study revealed the following: The efficiency of micro finance institutions on the poverty radiation in the organization especially among women. That developing relationship and managing micro finance institutions in Kumi leads to efficiency of an organization. And that, all organization should develop collaborative relationship with the micro finance institutions for efficiency and smooth development of their performance
A research dissertation submitted to the School of Business and Management Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the A Ward of Bachelors Degree in Supply and Procurement Logistics Kampala International University.
Micro Finance Institutions, Role, Poverty Eradication, Finca Uganda