Corruption and poor performance of organizations in Kaliro district: A case study of Nabwigulu sub-county

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College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study sought to examine corruption and poor performance in organizations in Kaliro District: A case study of Nabwigulu Sub-County. The study objectives were; to examine how corruption affects organizational performance in Nabwigulu sub-county, Kaliro District local government, to examine the challenges faced by organizations in fighting corruption in Nabwigulu sub-county, Kaliro District Local Government and to establish the solutions to the challenges faced by organizations in fighting corruption in Nabwigulu sub-county, Kaliro District local government. The study applied a cross-sectional research design to reflect aspects of perception, feelings, experiences, facts and emotional feelings of the study respondents in examining the corruption and poor performance in organizations in Nabwigulu Sub-County, Kaliro District as a case study. This was because the research questions that were generated necessitate observing explanatory, descriptive and analytical aspects of the research. The study population involved 133 participants and these included the Representatives from Organizations (Nabwigulu Sub-County), Community leaders (Nabwigulu Sub-County), Nabwigulu Sub-county top authorities, Kaliro District and the local peasants who were available. A sample size of 100 respondents was determined through purposive and random sampling methods. Data was collected from primary and secondary sources using questionnaires and interviews. After collecting data, the researcher organized well-answered questionnaire, data was edited and sorted for the next stage. The data was presented in tabular form with frequencies and percentages. The study findings revealed that the sample constituted of 50 respondents of which 66% were males and the 34% remaining were females. This implies that males are the majority. This implies that the most respondents were men due to the societal beliefs that the males are hardworking and hence capable of managing operations in organizations for instance in Nabwigulu sub-county Kaliro District. The study concludes that corruption often results in loss of funds through embezzlement and graft. Resources that could be useful in implementing strategies are derailed or used unproductively. The practice leads to loss of customers who lose faith in the organization and prefer rival products, leading to losses. The study recommends that the local government officials should be equipped with better education and training and a sound orientation about value systems and democratic cultures. Thus, they are required to be truly democratic administrators, real service providers, efficient decision makers, and dynamic grassroots transformers.
A research dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the award of a degree in Public Administration of Kampala International University
Corruption, Poor performance, Organizations, Nabwigulu sub-county-Kaliro district