The effect of free primary education programme and academic performance of pupils of KCPE in public primary schools: case study of Kirriti region, Nyandurua district, Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The study dwelled into the impact of free primary education on the academic performance of pupils in KCPE in public schools with the aim of determining the causes of poor performance, current learning conditions and the extent to which free primary education has affected the performance of pupils. The study was carried out in Kiriita location, nyandarua District and it utilized the head teachers of the six schools in that location, 46teachers and 124 pupils of the same schools. The findings of the study were sought to be beneficial to various people; policy makers, head teachers educatio11 officers and the government. The study based the work of other people which was in relation to the study. The explanatory design was employed and a researcher made questionnaire was administered to collect the intended information. The information attained from the field was analyzed using Microsoft excel and presented in form tables and graphs. The study attained several findings; there was no significant relationship between free primary education and academic performance of pupils, there decreasing levels of staffing, the administration is inefficient as a result of overwhelming number of pupils and the resultant fatigue, The teacher to pupil's ratio also deteriorated over the same period to that effect and basing on the finding, the researcher had recommendations; Hire more teachers, especially younger staff to avoid a possible staffing crunch due to mass retirement, Improve infrastructure especially in rural schools to ease access for inspection by education officers, sufficient funding should be availed. The researcher also suggested areas for further research like, levels of staffing in free primary education and academic performance of students, the competence of teacher in free primary education and the academic performance of students and motivation of teachers in free primary education and academic performance of students.
A Research Report Submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in Partial Fulfillment of the Award of Degree of Education of Kampala International University.
Free primary education programme, Academic performance, Pupils of KCPE, Public primary schools, Kirriti region, Nyandurua district, Kenya