An investigation on effects of combustion of fossil fuels on the environment in Kogero Division, Kisumu City, Kenya.

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Kampala International University.College Of Education
The study was conducted to investigate the effect of combustion of fossil fuels on the environment a case study ofKisumu City. The objective of the study were to find out the end products of automobile and industrial combustion of fuels, to device ways of reducing amount of pollutant emissions fuel sources with low pollutant emissions. The study used both the qualitative and quantitative approaches using the deliberate sampling method since only specific categories of people were conducted. The sampling procedure of the sample was random. The research instruments used to collect data were questionnaires, observation and interviews. The data was analyzed through coding by tallying frequencies, calculating percentages and representing the information using thematic approach on tables, pie chart and bar graphs. 'The study established that poor maintenance of motor vehicle and industries caused air pollution, use of fuels with low pollutant emissions was away of controlling smoke pollution and use of leaded fuels was an alternative source of fuel with low pollutant emissions. From the findings of the study the following recommendations were made; amendment of both traffic and industrial law to minimize on amount of pollutant emissions; use of fuel with additives and sensitization of people on effects of environmental degradation.
Research report submitted to the Faculty of Education in partial fulfillment of the requirement of a ward of a Diploma of Science with Education
Combustion, Fossil Fuels, Environment, Kogero Division, Kisumu City, Kenya