The geopolitics of access to oil Resources: The case of Uganda.

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Fourteen years ago, Uganda joined other sub-Saharan African Countries with new discoveries of oil; and just as the case always is, this news comes with high prospects for development and economic transformation. These ambitious projections are always based on the success stories of oil money in other countries without prr:judice to the fear of the infamous oil curse that results from poor exploitation of oil revenues. With these aspirations at hand, Uganda has clearly stated in its national polices and development plans the fact that the country's development in the next 30 years shall be largely dependent on exploitation of its natural resources- such as oil.
A dissertation submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, in Fulfillment of the Award of the Bachelor of International Relations of Kampala International University.
Geopolitics, Oil Resources, Access, Uganda