Perception of supervision and teacher performance in selected secondary schools, Kandara District Kenya

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Kampala International University. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study established the relationship between perception of supervision and performance of teachers in Kandara district. In particular, this research determined the following, age, gender, highest level of education and position in school. It also established the significant relationship between the level of perception of supervision and the level of performance of teachers. The study employed a descriptive correlational survey design or paradigm which was based on variable measured with numbers analyzed with statistical procedure. Descriptive co- relation helped the researcher to establish course and effect of the variable under study which were the level of perception of supervision and the level of teacher performance. A total of two hundred and fifteen respondents, were involved and given questionnaires to answer where applicable and were got through simple random sampling. The questionnaires were used as research instrument whereby the independent variable questionnaire had 19 items whereas the dependent variable had 12. The findings of the study were as follows Male teachers were more with 49.1% against females 48.6%. Most respondents were in the age group 31-40years which was 35.5°k. Those between 22-3oyears had a share of 14.1%. Most of the teachers were bachelor’s degree holder with 71.8% followed by diploma 16.8°k and master’s degree holders 8.6%. Most of the teachers were assistant teachers 55.0%. It was concluded in this empirical investigation, that the hypothesis of no significant relationship between perception of supervision and performance of teachers was accepted; perception of supervision had no significance relationship on teacher performance. Based on the findings of the study the recommendations were geared to: first supervision results should be availed to the teachers and in time. The supervisors should consider the subordinate views. The management should encourage and avail funds for teachers to participate in extracurricular activities. Future researches should be able to further research to this field since it’s not conclusive.
A thesis presented to College of Higher Degree and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master Degree in Educational Management and Administration
Teacher performance, Supervision, Kenya