Factors Affecting Performance of Physics Subject among Secondary Schools in Siakago Division, Mbeere District, Kenya.

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of science with education
The main objectives of this study were to investigate into effectiveness of teaching Physics and factors which influence educational aspirations of secondary schools in Siakago Division. The objectives guiding the study were that, students· social background, personal and social factors influence their education and occupational aspirations. These factors were considered to be important since they have not been investigated in Siakago Division .The subjects for this study willl00 in number. 100 students from five schools will be interviewed. The data for the study was collected from April to August 2007. The questionnaires will be administered to the subjects from respective schools. The result of the study indicates how several factors influence students· academic performance in Physics. The factors are as follows: social background factors such as (students· residence, marriage type of students, fathers family size, fathers· education and occupation, parents· education and occupational aspirations. Besides, a significant relationship was found between students· perceived academic ability and their educational aspirations. Significant relationship was found between the three variables Marriage type of the parents, students· perceived academic ability and the student's occupational aspirations. On the basis of the findings conclusions and recommendations will be made and proper guidance and counseling services be offered to students in adjusting their aspirations so that they don't get frustrated when their aspirations are not achieved. Studies be undertaken at inter distinct, provincial or national level on the factors influencing educational and occupational aspirations of secondary schools students. Studies be conducted to examine other factors such as peer influence, parental income, parents· interest in students schooling which may influence educational and occupational aspirations of secondary school students V A follow-up study should be conducted when the present Form 2 and Form will compete Form 4. This should be done to find out whether their aspirations will change or whether they will be more rational as they become older in age A follow-up study should be made to establish the career which students who participate in they study will join in relation to their secondary school aspiration. More research should be done to investigate how aspirations are formed and how students can be helped in the formation of their aspirations. Parents, students and teachers should also be interviewed. Schools in Siakago Division should strive to get relevant teaching and learning resources for effective teaching. These resources include text books, topographical maps, outline sketch maps, teachers' text books and lesson notes. Stake holders and school administration in Siakago Division should provide adequate equipment and learning facilities for effective teaching. Physics should be taught practically and therefore appreciable methods should be applied when teaching the subject. These methods include: instruction method, questionnaire and answer, discussion, Practical lessons and tours.
A Research Project Presented To The Institute Of Continuing And Distance Studies Kampala International University In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Degree Of Bachelor Of Education In Science.
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