Procurement and development of local government authorities: case study Garisa Municipal Council

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Kampala International University; College of Economics and management
This research study set out to investigate the factors affecting the effectiveness of public procurement practice in Garisa Municipal Council. These factors affect overall performance of the council in discharching its social responsibilities to the society which is the main financier of the council. The general objective of the study was to study the factors affecting procurement practice that has led to loss of money and ineffiency in public institution given their important purpose of service provision to .the society, the study intends to propose measures for ir.1provement leading to procurement efficiency. The research design used was a case study technique to obtain data from the GMC staff and suppliers, the study utilized questionnaires, interview and observation to obtain the findings. Stratified sampling was utilized to classify the population of the study. The target population was GMC staff and suppliers of the council. From a total of 126 GMC employees 63 were sampled -30 from procurement, 8 from treasurers' office, 4 from finance, 13 from stores and 8 from user department. 40 suppliers were sampled from a total population of 80 suppliers - 15 from past suppliers, 20 from current suppliers and 5 from potential suppliers', stratified sampling was utilized. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze data and present it inform of tables, pie charts and bar graphs, the aim of data analysis was to obtain findings and draw recommendations from these findings. Validity and reliability was conducted to remove ambiguity and achieve high degree of precisions. Findings showed that though the government has in the recent past enacted measures to improve public procurement practice. Procurement vices continue in public institutions, corruption, unqualified staff, and lack of information, poor supplier selection lot of paper work, poor record keeping and lack of computer use contribute to ineffectiveness. From the study the recommendations are to use higher qualified personnel, putting responsible people to tender boards computerizing the procurement function, strict adherence to procedures and duties .proper selection of suppliers, long term planning and ensuring environmental concerns in the procurement function. This will bring efficiency and effectiveness.
A research project submitted to School of Business and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirement of Bachelor of Supply and Procurement of Kampala International University
Procurement, Development of local government authorities, Garisa Municipal Council