School environment and academic performance in selected primary schools in Muhoroni division Nyando district.

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Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning
This research was about the effect of the environment on academic performance of pupils in selected primary schools in Muhoroni Division in Nyando District. The researcher was concerned that the school environment through a number of factors such as sitting arrangement, congestion in classes, lack of textbooks, lack of teaching learning materials, lack cf teachers, incidences of lateness and absenteeism of teachers affected the performance of pupils in KCPE examinations. The research was conducted between August and October 2007, questionnaire were taken to school and data collected, analyzed and presented in frequency and percentage tables, supported with bar graphs and pie charts. The data was analyzed by comparing the rural-public schools which were mainly affected by their foresaid factors with urban private schools which were well furnished and have conducive environment for learning. The academic performance of private schools was also found to be better than that of the rural public schools. The research concludes therefore that there is a significant relationship between the school environment and academic performance of pupils in KCPE.
A research report submitted to the institute of continuing and distance studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a bachelor's degree of education in guidance and counselling (science) of Kampala international University
Education, School environment, Academic performance, Primary schools, Nyando district