Challenges facing the girl child education in the selected secondary schools in Sotik district, Kenya

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of arts with education
The purpose of this study was to investigate the reasons for low enrollment of girls in schools in Sotik District, Kenya. Specific Objectives of the study were: To investigate the relationship between security, safety and enrollment of girls in form one, examine the relationship the curriculum and enrolment of girls in form one, investigate the relationship between harmful traditional practices and enrollment of girls in form one, to investigate the relationship between attitudes towards girls and enrollment of girls in form one, to examine the relationship between poverty and enrolment of girls in form one and to examine the relationship between sanitary conditions and enrolment of girls in form one The methods used for data collection were questionnaires to the students, interviews for the teachers and focus group discussions with the parents. The findings revealed that unsafe environment at school, gender biased curriculum, harmful traditional practices, negative attitudes towards girls education, poverty and sanitary conditions lead to low enrollment of girls in form one. The study recommended that, Family mobilization is vital to success m educating girls. Information and awareness-raising campaigns should target parents, particularly mothers and encourage them to register girls in school. However, for the girl to remain and succeed in school, thorough action must be taken to encourage families to change attitudes and lighten the household workload of the girl and provide her with the time and a comfortable space for learning at home. Families are called upon to increase their involvement in the process of educating their daughters by providing adequate follow-up to academic learning at school and at home.
A research Report submitted to the School of Open And Distance Learning in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement For The award of bachelor of Education arts Of Kampala International University
girl child education, secondary schools, Sotik district, Kenya