Factors affecting the girl-youth in educational advancement t. a study done in Central Division of Kitui District, Kenya.

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Kampala International University, School of Education
This study examined the extent to which factors that include cultural practices, gender and age and the girl status in the society affect the girl youth in educational advancement. One thousand and eight hundred young women, eight hundred house helps, fifteen hundred parents and guardians, and ten secondary school head teachers in central division of Kitul district participated in the study. The findings indicated that the factors such as parental negligence, early pregnancy and marriage, domestic responsibilities, sexual harassment by peers and teachers, unconducive learning and teaching materials, family conflicts, discrimination and HIV and AIDS affects educational advancement of the girl youth. Recommendations are awareness to the community is necessary so that all members are informed of these factors. Bursaries need to be provided to the girls who come from poor families. The government need to formulate policy on the girl youth education. Guidance and counseling to the girl youth need to be emphasized to help them set goals in life. More boarding schools for girls are necessary to retain them in school. In conclusion, the researcher showed that there is a significant relationship between cultural practices, gender and age and girl status in educational advancement.
A research project presented to the institute of open and distance learning, Kampala International University in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the Bachelor of Education Degree-Science.
Girl-Youth, Educational Advancement