The effectiveness of consumer protection in Uganda area of study Kampala

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Kampala international University, School of Law
The study will investigate the effectiveness of consumer protection in Uganda/ the Laws in place aimed at consumer protection for example the Uganda National Bureau Standard Act Cap 32~ The Weight and Measures Act Cao 103, National Drugs Authority Act Cap 206, The Foods and Drugs Act Cap 278/ Contract Act; among others/ the bodies/ institutions which enforce consumer protection in Uganda like the Uganda National Bureau of Standar~ National Drugs Authori~ Uganda Consumer Protection Association/ Uganda Communication Commission and other sector like the Transport Sector. The study will help to investigate the problems faced by consumers/ the available solutions put in place and the recommendations. The study will also help investigate how government policies should help in solving the current problems faced by consumers/ the enforcement of the in place. The study will investigate the impact of the Jaws on consumer protection in helping to consume goods of quality and good services and also protect them from exploitation from distributors/ manufacturers like in the case of Donoghue v Stevenson lord Atkins described a consumer as one who is directly affected by the manufacturers act in relation to such product that he sells in such a form as to show the intendeds to reach the ultimate consumers in the form in which they left him. This study will help to sensitize ignorant consumers of their rights and how to enforce them and the remedies available to the aggrieved consumers. This study will conclude on how consumer’s rights will be protected and enforced in order to save the lives of innocent consumers from dangerous products from risks.
A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of Law in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Bachelors Degree of Laws of Kampala International University
Consumer protection, Uganda, Kampala