Project length and management control:

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and social Science
This study describes the influence of project length on management control of the EVD project by WOAI in Goma (DRC) as the case study, based on the contingency theory developed by Fred Edwards in 1964, the study was conducted in Goma covering the timeframe from the early 2000 to 2018 with the specific objectives of that were to; examine the influence of actual project duration on management control of WOAI’s EVD project, to evaluate the influence of activity duration on management control of WOAI’s EVD project and finally to determine the relationship between project time management and management control of WOAI’s EVD project. The researcher employed a case study research design. Using the qualitative and quantitative approaches, the researcher elaborated a five point Likert scale questionnaire and an interview guide to collect data from a sample of respondents. Eighty (80) respondents out of a population of one hundred (100) were selected using purposive and random sampling techniques (response rate of 96.3%). Data was analyzed using mean and standard deviation analysis for which the finding revealed that; the extent to which actual project duration impact management control was moderate (23.9%); the extent to which activity duration influences management control was low (19.9%) and finally the extent to which project time management determines management control was law (19.2%). On the other hand, findings revealed that project length highly influences management control. This implies that where each of these variables; actual project duration, activity duration, project time management handled separately each has a low influence on management control, however if handled wholesomely, results show that effective and high management control will be achieved. The study concludes that, the findings of the study showed that management, should therefore estimate the project’s duration in consideration to the contingencies in the intervention area, but also the project length should be estimated in accordance with the budget and the amount of work that has been prepared for the implementation phase or the actual project duration. Recommendation ; The study recommends that management should increase attention on the project time management and the scheduling process to be able to make more precise estimations of the activity duration and the actual project duration.
A research dissertation submitted to the college of humanities and social sciences in partial fullfilment for the award of masters of Arts in project planning and management at Kampala International University.
Project length, Management control, Ebola virus disease, Women