Monitoring and evaluation of global donor fund performance by the government of Rwanda

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The major focus of this research is on the Monitoring and Evaluation of Global Fund performance by the Government of Rwanda. The objectives of the study were to determine the role of Monitoring system in assessing the performance of Global Fund project, To know if Evaluation system plays a role in assessing the performance of Global Fund, to identify the relationship M&E and the effective performance of Global Fund, to know if Monitoring and Evaluation informs Decision makers about the strengths and weakness of the project implementation, and finally to know if there are some other mechanism of assessing the performance of foreign funded projects apart from M&E. The study is descriptive in nature; the instruments used for data collection were questionnaires, interview guide and documentation. Questionnaires were good tool used to probe respondents’ views on the subject matter, Since, the researcher was able to inte[view the respondents directly, it provided a chance to record all the information given and provided explanation where necessary. Secondary data too, provided a rich source of data such as organizational structure and departments that are relevant to researcher’s study; this was very instrumental in studying Efficient and effective performance of government foreign funded projects which supplemented the primary data. Data presentation, analysis and interpretation were based on the objectives it should also be noted that the date coflected from respondents were analyzed using a specialized software known as H3M SPSS STATISTICS jS. The conclusk,n was in harmony with objectives of the study and research questions where it was revealed that despite other tools that are employed to assess the performance of Global Fund, Monitoring and Evaluation plays a leading role for efficient and effective performance of government projects and thus deserves the lion share,
A thesis presented to the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Master of Business Administration
Monitoring, Donor fund, Performance