Female genital mutilation; culture versus human rights; a case Study of the sabiny in Sironko, Uganda

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
This study undertook to investigate the effect of Female Genital Mutilation m the Sebei Community, Sironko District, Northern Eastern, Uganda. The specific objective of this study is to examine the practice of FGM among the Sebei tribe in Sironko District, how the practice is conducted, what is the reaction of the relevant authorities towards the practice and if so what are the various steps that have been taken by the Government towards the implementation of such laws that curb against the practice of FGM. According to the findings, most women in Sironko district in Uganda undergo FGM without their consent and almost of them are ignorant about the consequences of FGM. Therefore most women are subjected to torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment which increases exposure to HIV I AIDS, urinary tract infections, excessive bleeding and as a result most of them end up dying. Finally as recommendations the underlying root cause of the practice of FGM should be identified and addressed by the relevant authorities and bodies. There is need to sensitize the communities still practicing FGM about the risks involved in the practice and also funding should be provided to the respective bodies such as NGOS that deal with the sensitization of people about the practice of FGM.
A research paper submitted to the faculty of law in partial fulfillment of the award Of bachelors of laws of Kampala International
Human rights, Sironko,, Female genital mutilation;, Culture versus, Uganda