The impact of deforestation on environment in Rwanda Parish, Kooki County in Rakai District

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Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Science
The study examined the impact of deforestation on the environment in Rwanda Parish, in Kooki County in Rakai District. It was guided by specific objectives that included; examining the causes, effects and measures to deforestation in Rwanda Parish. Kooki County in Rakai District. The study took place in five villages that included; Nzosibiri, Nakitokolo, Kachumu, Kitabi and Nabyala. A total of 250 respondents that included; modal farmers, agricultural extensionists, decision makers and policy makers at the district were used in the study. It was both descriptive and analytical where data where primary and secondary were based on to establish the magnitude of the study. Primary data were both qualitative and quantitative where; interview, observation, focus group discussions and questionnaires were used. Documentary review was used to gather secondary data. Microsoft office excel 2003, statistical data presentation and analysis method was used to elaborate the study findings. The study established that most of the natural forests were cut. The causes of deforestation were; high demand for arable land, high demand for charcoal, high demand for timber, ineffective laws on natural resources, poor land tenure system, ignorance and demanded land for livestock keeping. Deforestation affected the environment in the following classified ways basing on soils, ecology, hydrology and atmosphere. About the soils: they were exposed to erosion, reduced water retention capacity, increased leaching and changed soil alkalinity. Ecologically there was loss of habitat to wildlife, loss of tourist attractions, loss of medicine and threat to humans. About the hydrology; there was low transpiration, lessened atmospheric moisture, reduced surface runoff, roots that created micro pores for water filtration were lost and no precipitation was evaporated back for rainfall formation. The impact on the atmosphere was that; it decreased oxygen, increased carbon in the atmosphere and increased area temperatures. The study suggested that farmers in Rwanda Parish may use strategies such as; monitoring studies, experiments and modeling, better farming methods, setting up income generating activities, training farmers, subsidizing farmers, agroforestry and re-forestation, penalizing culprits and irrigation and watering in order to control deforestation and its effects
A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Environmental Management of Kampala International University
Deforestation, Environment