Kampala International University workforce diversity and employee’s performance a case study of college of economics and business management (KIU)

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Kampala International University,College of Economics and Management
The study sought to establish the relationship between workforce diversity and employee performance at Kampala international university. The study was guided by the following research objectives namely; the relationship between age diversity and employee performance; the relationship between gender diversity and employee performance and the relationship between ethnic/nationality diversity and employee performance. This study employed both the descriptive design and co- relational research designs. Simple random and purposive sampling methods were used to extract a sample 76 respondents. The questionnaire were used to collect the primary data, data was analyzed using Microsoft Excel and presented in form of tables. The study finding revealed that employees arrive for meetings on time, meet work deadlines employees take appropriate action on problems as necessary, employees set appropriate priorities for tasks employees consult with supervisors, employees demonstrates effective leadership skills and that employees effectively collaborates with other department members as necessary, employees deal effectively and professionally with employees in other areas, employees deals appropriately with confidential information. Evaluation criterion for employees with supervisory responsibilities revealed supervisors gives clear guidance in support of unit objectives and that supervisors gives recognition for good performance. in conclusion, the commitment of employees and good leadership will continue to improve employee performance and overall performance of the university. The study yielded the following recommendations; continued employee training, strengthening the relationship between the employees and their supervisors and continuing to recruit employees that nationals and foreigners to have a broader pool of talents for excellent performance
A research report submitted to the college of Economics and Management Science of the requirement of the Award of Bachelor’s Degree of International Business Administration in Kampala International University
Work force, Employees perfomance