Mass Media in Promoting of Children’s Rights in Uganda A case Study of Bukedde TV In Kabalagala In Makindye East:

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Kampala International University, Colleges of humanities and social sciences
The stud~ was carried out in Kabalagala. Makindye Division- Kampala district. It was intended to examine the role of mass media in promoting of children’s rights in Uganda, the main objectives of the study were to the to examine the causes of child abuse in Uganda, to examine the role of Mass Media in Advocating for Children’s Right, to examine the challenges faced by Mass Media in Advocating for Children’s Right and lastly to examine measure taken to. solve the challenges faced b~ mass media in advocating children’s right. The methods used in the study were quantitative and qualitative in nature. Questionnaires were used in the study. Simple random stratified sampling procedure was used to get a preventative sample size of eighty respondents. The selected respondents included community members. staff member of Bukedde Tv and the leaders. The study findings revealed that In reference to the research question one. it is concluded that children abuse is as a result of Drug abuse with 37%. lack of parenting skill with 25%, Community tolerance of violence against children 18%, 13% for Parental carelessness, isolation with 4%, and low self-esteem and high expectations 3%. Tn reference to the research findings it found the following roles strengthening awareness with 40%. statements wrongly accusing children’s rights with 31%, foster cooperation with 13%. providing information on the Universal Children’s Rights Declarations with 10% and 6% citing Constitutional safeguards as the role of media and in view of the challenges encountered by mass media is advocating for children’s right the following were the challenges suggested Government failures (16%), poor relation between state and ~iCSS I 5%. corruption with 14%, 13% laws and statutes, 9% lack of skills and also 9% for lack of Public confidence in the media. 7% cited ethinicism and also 7% for poor coverage, 6% suggested inaccuracy whereas 4% cited poverty. From the finding the respondents suggested the following solutions to the challenges facing media 50% suggested establishment of appropriate policies, 25% suggested provision of training, 19% cited comm unity engagement and 6% mentioned accountability of the media practitioner. It was concluded and recommended that there is need to train journalist and educate both the media house practitioners and the general public on how to treat one another, establishment of strict laws governing drug abuse. the community member should be trained the basic skill on how to control child abuse and also parenting skills, setting legal frameworks to control much drug abuse among the community members. engaging government civil servants, leaders and the community members in the matters of children’s rights. media and other community activities.
A Dissertation Submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in Partial Fulfillment for the Award of a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication of Kampala International University:
Mass Media, Children’s Rights, Bukedde TV