A Study of Factors that Drive Children out of Their Homes to the Street with Special Reference to Kisii Town.

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in guidance and counselling
Many children have left their homes and are now living in the streets. At the beginning many people saw it not being their problem as long as it did not affect them directly. This is particularly so in Kisii town where the phenomena is not very old. But as the number swelled the problem has become a big issue for every caring citizen of this country and particularly to people in a town like Kisii. It has now come to the notice of everybody that the problem is very serous and unless addressed it will soon cause a big security risk for every one who is prone to these children. This is because the street children grow in an indiscipline environment and nobody prepares them to become good citizens of tomorrow by providing any type of education or guidance. It is therefore vital for everybody in the society to be initiate and use every available opportunity at his or her disposal to curb the problem from escalating further in the midst of the society. The researcher intends to establish, what the existing organizations for example churches, non-governmental organizations and the government are doing to arrest the (situation) problem. The researcher expects to highlight whatever information will be collected that might assist to solve the problem. The research was carried in Kisii Municipality, Kisii District Nyanza Province of Kenya. The researcher choose this town because street children are concentrated here. During the research the researcher involved many institutions for example Children's Department m the Municipality, churches and NGOs. Many children who join the street do it not because they don't like to live in their homes, but every one of them is driven from his/her home by one reason or another. The researcher believes that if the problem can be investigated, identified and then addressed then children would not come to live in the streets. While we agree that the relevant department has not done much to address the problem we agree one cause of their in ability to do so is lack of enough funds and materials. During his research the researcher aimed at collecting information through interaction interviews from street children parents and guardian of the street children, churches and children welfare institutional (leader) managers. If enough correct information is given and implemented, them the problem of street children will be solved.
This Research Report is submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning (IODL) Kampala International University as Part of a Fulfillment in the Award of Degree in Bachelor of Education Science with Guidance & Counseling.
Factors that Drive Children out, Homes, Street