The impact of corporal punishment on students’ dropout in secondary schools. a case study of Busolwe town council, Butaleja District.

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Kampala International University, School of Education
The purpose of this study was to establish the impact of corporal punishment on students drop out in secondary schools in Busoiwe Town Council. The study was conducted under three research objectives. These were; to identify various impacts on corporal punishment on students’ drop out in secondary schools in Busolwe Town Council, to identify the alternatives to corporal punishment of school and to analyse how the administration of punishments by head teachers affect academic performance. The study employed survey research design particularly cross sectional survey design. Questionnaire was the main instrument of data collection in addition to interview guide and document review. Private schools and government school were randomly selected in Busoiwe Town Council of Butaleja District in which the study was conducted. The major findings of the study were; all schools have written rules and regulations but which they don’t understand, some rules and regulations require modifications and others lack consistence in their implementation, which raises anger leading to violence, strikes and aggression. Also time is poorly managed in school where the designed timetables are not respected. Punishments were found to be unfairly administered that causes dissatisfaction, anger and thus inducing acts of indiscipline such as strikes, vandalism of school property as well as violence among. The study came up with the following conclusions based on the study findings; much as school rules help in controlling behavior in the school, their awareness is lacking among. Also time being a scarce resource and need to be well planned for through a time schedule, this timetable lack respect and therefore not followed as expected causing indiscipline among. Punishments were also found to be poorly administered to, which create chaos in schools characterized with school property destruction, and thus affecting students “general academic performance”. The study also proposed some recommendations to deal with the wide spread and increasing levels of indiscipline among adolescent youths in secondary schools in Uganda. These include, strengthening school rules and regulations, strengthening counselling and guidance in schools than expelling them, having a uniform discipline code, which will assist parents, and other stakeholders to appreciate the role ofpunishments in schools. In addition a strong parent-teacher relationship need to be established so as to address the effects ofindiscipline in schools, and also head teachers should be the role models of discipline ifthis struggle is to achieve its objectives
A research report submitted to the college of education, open distance and e- learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of a bachelor’s degree in education of Kampala International University.
Corporal punishment, Students’ dropout, Secondary schools