Mass media and peace building in Galkacayo District, Somalia

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Kampala International University
The purpose of this study was to assess the contribution of the media in peace-building in Galkacayo District, Somalia. The study was guided by three specific objectives which meant to: establish effect of broadcasting media on peace building in Somalia and to establish the effect of social media on peace building in Somalia. The related literature was reviewed in respect of the specific objectives that defined the research content scope and gaps sought to be filled. The study adopted the correlational survey design based on an integrated approach of the quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Data was collected by use of the questionnaire and interviews. It was analyzed using the descriptive statistical methods based on the SPSS programme. The main findings of the study show that the media’s contribution to peace building is fairly low as it is well recognized in Galkacayo and Somalia at large. More significantly used and accessed this media and for this purpose are the radio stations. The study also showed that the media has in some respects been misused either deliberately or unknowingly to the extent that it accelerates the conflicts despite their great potential and prospect for serving to curb the persistent conflicts in the country. The study concluded that mass media has a considerably high influence on peace building, in order to improve peace-building activities, the journalists and media works should plan community participation programmes. The study recommended for appropriate interventions to improve media objectivity, regulation of the media as well as for rightful and balanced use of media in order to maximize its peace-building potential.
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Mass media, Peace building, Galkacayo District, Somalia