The impact of teaching methods on effective performance of science by students in Gaithei Secondary School, District (Kenya)

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
Considering the contributions of mathematics, science, and technology to today's world, one would have expected mounting interest in these disciplines, but the reverse seems to be the case. Indeed, there is declining enrolment in sciences ubjects among the youth, and poor perfonnance in examinations, such as those taken in secondary level education. This is blamed solely on the teaching methods in application hence the study The study adopted a Descriptive research design. This enhanced the researcher to obtain a better understanding of the impact of teaching methods on effective perfo1111ance of science by students in Gaitheri secondary school, Muranga district. The method chosen allowed a collection of comprehensive and intensive data and provided an in-depth understanding of the topic under study. Infonnation collected was analyzed and edited to create consistency and completeness. After collecting the questionnaires they were edited for completeness and consistency across the respondents and to locate omissions. Information obtained from the research study was presented and analyzed using tables. This report provides suggestions for more effective teaching methods to enhance the performance of science. It is designed for policy makers, planners and stakeholders in the education sector.
A research project submitted to institute of open and distance learning in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelor of Education in science of Kampala International University
Teaching methods, performance of science, Students, Kenya