Legal analysis on the wrongful conviction in Uganda and how to undo the miscarriage of justice

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Kampala international University, School of Law
The research mainly talks about the wrongful conviction in Uganda. This specifically analyses the rights of the convicts, the causes of the wrongful conviction that are immense in the violation of the rights of the detainees or suspects before convicted, and as to whether there is substantive proof before the conviction or the judgment is entered. However, the wrongful conviction is analyzed as improper procedure, adjudication of the matter and miscarriage of justice to the litigant or accused persons. However is due to the poor information system used to adducing evidence to court, poor systems in investigation that may be used and most of all the corruption tendencies in Uganda, where majority of the detainees are convicted innocently as a result of such. This is so because most want quick judgment in highly contentious matter, which is irrational. The research also analyses the rights which are accorded to the suspects, accused persons before convicted and rights of detainees and wrongfully convicted persons in avoidance of miscarriage of justice and promoting justice to all in Uganda's legal system. The wrongful conviction is detrimental to the innocent persons who may be the suspects or accused convicted without substantive proof, however, the research examines the steps into which the wrongful conviction is controlled and how to do away with it. The remedies that arc available in case one is wrongfully convicted are analyzed.
A Research Dissertation Submitted to the School of Law in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Award of Bachelor of Laws at Kampala International University
Legal analysis, Conviction, Uganda, Miscarriage of justice