The impact of child abuse on academic performance in secondary schools: the case of schools in Kampala Central Division, Kampala district Uganda

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Kampala International University, College/School of Education
The study assessed the causes of Girl Child Drop Out in Schools: A Case Study of Kihihi Sub County, Kanungu District Uganda for the period of three months; that is from March to May, 2013. The objectives of the study included: To determine the major causes of child abuse of students in schools, determine how child abuse affects the academic performance of students and to suggest measures on how child abuse can be solved among students in secondary schools. The study obtained information from Directors, Head Teachers, Teachers, Students and Parents/Community Members both male and female in the schools. The schools were selected on the basis of ease, accessibility by the researcher to the institutions easing the task of data collection. The researcher used questionnaires that were developed from the research objectives, pretesting with a few hand to different teachers from each school that were also picked randomly. The respondents were familiar with the researcher and all the questions were filled and collected without any difficulty as most of the schools were easily accessible. The research employed Descriptive research approach where simple random sampling technique was used to get the sample size which required collecting information through questionnaire, interviews and a total sample size of 188 informants was interviewed. This size was more preferable due to time limit, the resources available to carry out the research and it was also used to ensure accuracy in data collection and data was analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively in form of~ tables and conclusion were drawn at the end. The major findings of the study was that up to 85% of the respondents revealed that there existed a mutual impact between child abuse and academic performance and it was revealed that unless child abuse is reduced and prevented among the school going students, then with academic performance of the students will continue to deteriorate in schools Recommendations were that the government should take full interest and control of what goes on in school and the society through increasing the phases of inspections. In conclusion, therefore, According to the findings presented in the fourth chapter, child abuse has far reached negative effects even long after the abuse this is clear from the bad class positions of the students who had experienced any form of abuse or the ones who are still experiencing abuse currently
A research dissertation submitted to the college of education, open and distance e-learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelors degree of arts with education of Kampala International University
Child abuse, Academic performance, Secondary Schools