Nurses’ knowledge, attitudes and practices towards unit cleanliness at Kitagata hospital, Sheema District

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Globally, it has been estimated that 20% to 40% of health care associated infection are from unclean surface and hands of health workers. On the other hand, research also indicates that only 34% to 40% of hospital surface areas are cleaned to standards. This means, about 60% to 76% of the hospital areas are not cleaned up to standards or even not cleaned at all yet it is a potential source of hospital acquired infection. The study with the objective to determine knowledge, attitude and practices of nurses toward unit cleanliness was carried out at Kitagata General Hospital. Through a cross-sectional descriptive study design using quantitative approach and through convenient sampling, a total of 40 nurses were studied. Of 40 nurses selected, 62.5% had training on unit cleanliness while 37.5% had no training on unit cleanliness, average nurses’ knowledge on unit cleanliness was positive at 85%, 10% had neutral knowledge while 5% had negative knowledge. On attitude of nurses on unit cleanliness; positive attitude score was 60%, 25% had neutral attitude while 15% had negative attitude. On practices, 70.4% had a satisfactory performance while 29.6% had unsatisfactory performance. Commonly used of solutions in unit cleanliness were Jik solution with 42.5 %, Chlohexidine with 30% and Alcohol “70%” and above with 27.5%. Generally, Nurses had good knowledge with 85% in unit cleanliness however, positive attitude score was low (60%) affecting the practice making it not to be so effective with only 70.4% with satisfactory performance. It is encouraged that, hospitals should emphasize on following the guideline for unit cleanliness as put down by PIDAC, short course training that aims to provide capacity building and knowledge to all nurses on unit cleanliness need to be improved.
A research report submitted to Uganda Nurses and Midwives Board in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the diploma in nursing sciences
Unit cleanliness, Nurses’ knowledge, Kitagata hospital, Sheema District