The socio-economic effects of teenage pregnancies and academic performance of learners in selected schools of Kalangala District

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Kampala International University, School of Education, College of Education, Open distance and e-learning
This study sought to examine the effect of teenage pregnancy on the socio-economic aspects of girls in the selected schools of Kalangala district specially to identify the causes of teenage pregnancy among the girls, the socio-economic consequences of teenage pregnancies, and investigated the measures that would be taken to curb this problem. The respondents used in the study were local leaders, teachers, parents who filled a semi-structured questionnaire containing items which had been formulated from the objectives. Findings showed that in Kalangala district, it was established that young gir~s are becoming pregnant mostly because peer pressure and bad company. It was also discovered that due to economic hardships some girls go out with men to get some of their requirements and end up becoming pregnant. Those parents did not care much about what their daughters did with their friends. More factors that were hinted on by the respondents include the negative media influence and pinpointed films. It was established that teenagers lacked relevant education about sex and how to handle sexuality. Recommendations were also made. Public debates on sexuality and teenage pregnancy must be in4tiated. These can teach the youth in a very dynamic and interactive way, so that they learn about the dangers of the out of school participants become part of their learning process. Youth they must be encouraged to participate. The teenage mothers should be encouraged to go back to school after giving birth to continue with their education. This will only work if a policy is formulated to safeguard the young mothers in school from social ostrarchy and isolation. Due to ignorance, some teachers and learners have socially stigmatized such girls who chose to rejoin school.
Distance and e-learning in partial fulfillment t for the requirement of the award of a Bachelor of Arts with Education of Kampala International University
Teenage pregnancies, Academic Performance, Kalangala District