The relationship between Supplier Evaluation and the Quality of Goods and Services Supplied: A case of the Judiciary Head Office, Kampala, Uganda.

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management Sciences .
This study was undertaken to establish the relationship between suppliers' evaluation and quality of goods and services supplied within the judiciary of Uganda. It was prompted by rampant reports of poor quality goods and services offered by contractors attributed to poor evaluation procedures married y corruption, selfishness, greed for money and lack of value for money audit. The major objective was to examine if suppliers' evaluation was related to the quality of goods and services supplied the study was conducted though the judiciary with particular reference to Kampala giving a total of 40 respondents. The data was sourced primarily through semi- structured questionnaires and interview guides for politicians. Secondary data comprised of documentary review of supplier evaluation concepts models and its effect on quality of goods and services supplied through text book, research paper, Journals, presentations, interest and magazines. Data was collected and presented in form of tables, frequencies, and percentages using elementary statistical methods. The final analysis was made using the spea1111an's rank conelation coefficient to establish the relationship. The findings of the study indicated that within the judiciary, standards of goods and services supplied reflect the loopholes within the supplier evaluation process. It is recommended that avenues should be opened to facilitate further research to address the problem of supplier evaluation to attain better quality of goods and services within the judiciary of Uganda.
A research report submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of Bachelor of Procurement and Supplies Management Degree of Kampala International University.
Supplier Evaluation, Quality, Goods and Services, Kampala, Uganda