Legal Requirements and Mob Justice in Kabale Municipality, Western Uganda

This article investigated the relationship between legal requirements and Mob justice in Kabale Municipality. Using descriptive research design, a structured questionnaire and an interview guidewere used to garner data which was used to answer the research question on how legal requirements influences the practice of mob justice in Kabale Municipality in Western Uganda. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics such as frequencies, percentages, tables and Bar graphs. Data for the correlation between the research variables was analyzed using Pearson product moment correlation coefficient index.Legal requirements in the due process of the law had a positive linear relationship with the practice of mob justice inKabaleMunicipality. The researcher recommends that there is need to re-enforce both intrinsically and extrinsically the investigative body of the police so that prosecution may produce sufficient evidence to bring to book the criminals thus reducing crime incidence in the area. This action may restore confidence in the judiciary and thus reduce cases related to the occurrences of mob justice. Government should revitalize and augment the salaries of the officers of the courts of judicature so that corruption may be on the wane and we have a free and fair judgement of all mankind. There is need to continue respecting the Constitution of the republic of Uganda (1995) which states that all persons have a right to life, to be heard and to be protected from inhuman treatment irrespective of race, tribe, or religious beliefs.
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Legal requirements, Mob justice, Fairness, Municipalities, Uganda