The prospects and challenges of sustainable development in the petroleum industry in Uganda

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
In the near future, Uganda is expected to join the league of oil producing countries. This is after the long period of exploration that has at last brought the good news of the existence of the oil and gas deposits in the Albertine Graben (Refer to the map of the Alberine Graben showing exploration blocks). The rest of the world observes closely to make out if it shall attain what other numerous nations have vowed and failed to honor, that is guaranteeing oil wealth, minimizing, or eradicating poverty of the masses through generating employment prospectus and regional economic progress and thus eventually fostering extensive Nationwide Economic and social growth. In view of this, it is the objective of this paper to discuss the. Principles of sustainable management and utilization that Uganda should espouse to manage its implementing oil. Wealth and in the event evade the self style oil curse. The study will include an appreciation of the legal and structural policy underlying the national priorities concerning the necessity of sustainable utilization and its practical realization amidst the controversial interests in our country. Consequently the study will be able to analyze the fact that if Uganda adopts the principle of sustainable development, all stakeholders' investors and interested parties can have the benefit of the positive consequences of oil for the present and future generations amidst the various challenges faced by the country.
A research paper submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirements of the award of a bachelors degree Of laws of Kampala international university
Oil and Gas, Sustainable development, Petroleum industry, Uganda