Customers’ perception and satisfaction of M-Pesa outlets services in some selected townships in Nairobi, Kenya

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KIU. College of Economics and Management
This study was carried out to determine customers’ perception and satisfaction in the utilization of the money transfer service of the M-Pesa service by Safaricom Limited in Kenya. M-pesa is a swahili word meaning Mobile money. In the recent years, customers of M-pesa outlets services have been experiencing service delays, and poor treatment from the outlets agents who are said to be rude to them. This has resulted to some of the M-pesa clients migrating from Safaricom M-pesa service to other telecommunication service providers. The purpose of the study to determine customers’ perception and satisfaction in the utilization of the money transfer service of the M-Pesa service by Safaricom Limited. The study sought to answer the demographics of the respondents, level of customer perception and satisfaction and to find any significance relationship and difference between perception and satisfaction. The study adopted a descriptive survey and correlational design. The sample size comprised of 62 M-pesa agents from 1 year and above, and 310 M-pesa customers from less than a month and above. The total sample size was 372 respondents comprised of the key M-pesa customer outlets who offer M-Pesa services in Eastleigh and Kibera townships in Nairobi-Kenya The main findings showed that majority of the respondents were below 41 years old and had are privately employed. The married are the majority followed by singles respondents at 32.8% and 27.4% respectively. They are customers of 3-4 years period and 1-2 years duration. 59.9% of the respondents came from Eastleigh while 40.1% came from Kibera. 58.1% had a positive perception, while 68.1% were satisfied with M pesa outlets services. There is no significance relationship or significance difference between customer perception and customer satisfaction. In conclusion, the M-pesa customers are averagely satisfied with an average level of perception which means that the safaricom Limited has a task of ensuring the rise in current percentages. Based on the findings of this study, the researcher recommends that Safaricom should train the vendors at the M-Pesa outlets on customer/market orientation through seminars to mitigate the incessant rude behavior they show M-Pesa customers.
A thesis presented to the college of higher degree and research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree master of business administration in finance and banking
Customers’ perception, M-Pesa outlets services