Schools' involvement in co-curricular activities and pupils physical, psychological and intellectual development: a case of Selected primary schools in Lurambi South Zone of Lurambi Division, Kakamega, and County.

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
This research work was geared towards finding out the effects of school involvement in co-curricular activities on academic performance of pupils. The study is to be carried out in Lurambi south zone, Lurambi division, Kakamega County. A random sampling approach was used in which 30 pupils were selected from each of the four (4 ) schools. Fifteen (15) of these pupils are boys while the other fifteen are girls. They are selected from the top two classes' i.e. class 7 and 8 randomly. Five teachers were sampled from each of the four schools to give their opinion on the problem under investigation. The instrument used on data collection was questionnaires for all the pupils and teachers. The questionnaires contained multiple choice questions from where the respondents as to choose from any of the alternative answers given, and in a few cases structured questions were inclusive where respondents had to fill in the spaces provided on the questionnaires. The researcher found out that co-curricular activities are essential to the productions of a full graduate of the education system and the following recommendations were made. I. Co-curricular activities should be rejuvenated and taught just like other subjects on the curriculum 2. The Government and the ministry of eduction should resists from being passive and play their part towards making co-curricular activities a success. This can be done through; • Sufficient supply of reference literature just like it is with other subjects in the curriculum. • Sensitizing the community about the need for co-curricular activities in the profile of the child. • Ensuring that the teacher-pupil's ratio is met. • Putting regular refresher for the teachers in co-curricular activities like it's is fro other subjects. • Making some co-curricular activities examinable at the end of primary school in KCPE
A research report submitted to the Institute Of Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of Bachelor of Education (Primary) Of Kampala International University
Co-curricular activities, Intellectual development, pupils physical, psychological, Lurambi Division