The Factors Influencing Motivation Of pupils On Their Academic Performance in Selected Schools in Kabarnet Zone, Baringo District - Kenya

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Kampala International University, school of Arts with education
The major purpose of the study was to find the factors that influence motivation on the academic performance of pupils in Kabarnet zone, Kabarnet Division ofBaringo District. The area of study coverer twenty primary schools and the researcher sampled ~en Head teachers, ten teachers ,ten standard eight pupils and ten parents. The researcher used simple random sampling to determine the population sample .He used the questionnaires as instrument for data collection which were sent to the respondents to fill in answers and later on collected by the researcher. The researcher brought about three important elements in education that are of concern to both educational psychologists and teachers. These are the learner, the learning process and the learning situation. The researcher found out that parental upbringing plays a very important role in motivation of learners this is because parents provide not only physiological needs , but also safety needs s well as belonging needs. Teachers on the other hand need to use familiar learning resources appropriate to the level of the class they teach. They also need to use verbal praise or social approval and minimize unpleasant consequences of student involvement. The researcher summarized his findings in frequency tables, pie-charts, and bar graphs
A Project Submitted In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Degree of Bachelor of Education Arts of the Kampala International University- (Uganda)
Factors Influencing Motivation Of pupils On Their Academic Performance, Baringo District - Kenya