Motivation and teachers performance government aided secondary schools in Uganda

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Kampala international University college of economics and management
The topic of this study was motivation and performance of teachers in secondary schools: A case study of Ssembabule Church of Uganda secondary school in Ssembabule District.The study was carried out basing on three objectives, namely; determining the effect of salary payment to teachers on their performance, identifying the effect of rewards to teachers on their performance and examining the effect of training on teachers’ performance in Ssembabule Church of Uganda secondary school.In the methodology, the study relied on primary and secondary sources of information.Primary sources included; questionnaires, guides, while secondary sources included official school records that explains background and other vital background information about the school, and magazines, journals, textbooks, pamphlets, internet surfing and handouts which tried to provide information about performance and the effect of motivation on employees performance The study was based on the theory of Hertzberg (two factor theory of motivation) where Hertzberg identified two types of motivation, namely hygiene factors and motivators. It is up to this that the researcher based his theoretical framework. The design of the study was a descriptive survey research. The school had 723 students, out of which the study utilized 90 students of the top three classes; thirty students each from senior four, five and six respectively. Twenty teachers out of who also were used, to provide information in the findings, on salary payment, reward and training. Salary payment was discovered to have a significant effect on teachers’ performance in Ssembabule Church of Uganda secondary school. Respondents (teachers) were not happy about the issues of salary payment, and hence conditions at work were not conducive for working effectively. The researcher recommended that, head teachers and directors of secondary schools should pay salaries promptly; give rewards and other benefits which include training in addition to basic allowances to their teachers that motivates them to work more effectively and vi efficiently. And the recommendations made are; Conclusively, good motivation of staff members is a crucial strategy to create that inner drive and interest in a person to perform well the assigned duties and services that yields high and quality results in terms production; services and goods. Therefore,motivation has a great impact on teachers’ performance as far as students’ performance is concerned. As pertains salary, it is recommended that teachers’ salary in government aided schools needs to be increased. If salary is good and reasonable, then teachers will strive hard to perform at their best as they will be happy enjoying their earnings. Hence, school administrators should press hard through the government put value on teachers ‘salary and offer a reasonable take-home pay to teachers. Furthermore, it is recommended that salary should not only be paid, good and reasonable for teachers,but it should be paid on time, in order to make teachers focus their minds on performance, other than warring of financial crisis.It is recommended that teachers in secondary schools needs to provide with rewards and benefits, like accommodation, feeding, travel fairs, in order to improve on teacher performance. This is because from the observations of the findings in chapter four of the study, there was a low evidence of rewards and benefits provision in the school, which probably cause poor performance.Training as a motivator should be planned and be given to teachers to build their capacity in terms of relevant and modern knowledge subject matter and content for the benefit of students to pass examinations well. It also has a positive impact on teachers’ attitude that instills in the inner drive to work more hard for the best performance of students in both external and internal examinations. School administrator should always try to provide any kind of motivation to all workers not only teachers for efficiency effective performance of the organization.
A thesis presented to the school of postgraduate studies and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Arts in human resource management
Motivation, Teachers performance, Secondary schools