Teacher efficiency and program implementation in primary schools Koboko district Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of education, open distance and e-learning.
The purpose of this study was to investigate teacher efficiency focusing mainly on teacher skills, quality performance and motivation on curriculum implementation in primary schools of Koboko District. The study was guided by the following objectives namely to investigate the teacher quality performance on program implementation in primary schools Koboko District, To assess the teacher professional skills on program implementation in primary schools Koboko District, To establish teacher learner motivation on program implementation in primary schools Koboko District. The study employed exploratory research design. It used because the researcher hope to know whether there is a relationship between corona virus prevention measures and teacher lifestyle in Koboko District. The study employed qualitative approach. Qualitative approach was used to capture the facts and insights of the study. According to Creswell (2012), a qualitative research approach is an approach in which a researcher seeks to explore a problem and develop a detail understanding of the central phenomenon. The sample size was determined by both Non-probabilities means and probability means, and using Krejcie and Morgan (1970) sample size of 171 was used. Based on research findings, the researcher finishes this work by giving the following recommendations that aim at improving the instructional supervision system any time they are given consideration by the concerned stakeholders in education. In order to improve the instructional supervision system teachers should see it as a helpful tool to enhance their professional growth. In this regards teachers have to change their negative attitude towards instruction supervision. Supervisor should establish a good atmosphere between them and supervisee so that they collaborate and work towards a common objective of improving the quality education. They have also to make a follow-up of agreements or resolutions taken in their activities of instruction supervision. They are recommended also to carryout it on regular basis. Koboko district should put in place a monitoring and follow up system of conclusions and results of different supervision carried out in the district by different supervisors as they provide report in that unit. The government of Uganda through Uganda education board should motivate in terms of salary the supervisor especially deputy head teachers in charge of studies at school level as they get the same salary as teachers. Again Rwanda should provide facilities such as motorbike to supervisor especially sector education officer to ensure the reach every school regularly in sector. There should be a decentralization of general inspectors to district level
A thesis submitted to the college of education, open, distance and e-learning in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of a degree of master of education in educational administration and management of Kampala International University
Teacher efficiency, Program implementation, Primary schools, Uganda