The effects of supply chain management on organizational performance case study of procuring organizations around Kampala district

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study was on the effects of supply chain management on organizational performance procuring organizations around Kampala district were used as case study. The general objective of the effects of supply chain management in organizational performance. The research problem was broken down into specific objectives. These included establishing different trends towards supply chain management and different approaches to supply chain measurement to establish different reasons why organizational performance should be measured, and to establish the relationship between supply chain manage1ment and organizational performance. The study employed qualitative research method through which detailed and specific information was obtained from key respondents as primary data. Respondents came from offices of the procurement managers and officers working within the different procuring organizations around Kampala as well as KIU students. The study revealed that supply chain management has a great influence on organizational performance in terms of its efficiency and effectiveness in identifying, assessing and enforcing costs and long lead time. The study further revealed that supply chain management has co-ordinate the manufacturing of logistic and material management function a cross organizations, scholars have come to a common view on the application of different approaches of supply chain measurement in organizations such as Bailey ( I 998) and Lyson ( 1998) argued that management by objectives, management audit, comparative approach and accounting approaches used to measure supply chain management. This ensures value for money. The research showed that organization with better supply chain has better competitive edge than others with weak ones. The researcher recommended that organizations should set up shorter supply chain so as to improve on their supply chain management and increase organizational performance: This further achieved through setting up procurement department on each and every organizational structure that will execute the functions of supply chain effectively as well as planning for its smooth operation
A research proposal presented to the Faculty of School of Business and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelors Degree in Supplies in Procurement and Management of Kampala International University
supply chain management, organizational performance, procuring, Kampala district